Who am I and where do I come from?

Originally from the Czech republic, now based in Strasbourg (France), where I graduated in a master’s degree called CAWEB specialized in Web design, multimedia, project management and localization.

Until June 2019, I worked as Digital Campaign manager for the Schmidt brand. Then, for couple of months as a Consultant engineer for Altran technologies company. Nowadays, I have a new challenge : I work as a Webdesigner for Thermofisher Scientific company.

I am not only multilingual - Czech - French - English - (German-beginner), but also multicultural, because in every country I try to adapt myself to the local environment. Read more about my studies and career on my Linkedin profile.

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

What do I like?

I’m someone very open-minded who likes discovering new countries, cultures and people and never stops exploring! In my free time, I love taking photos with my Canon camera ( nature, everyday objects and people), going on a yoga class, having good times with my friends, travelling ( the number one destination is Iceland & Scandinavian countries), playing with my dog ( when I get the chance to go to see my family in the Czech republic) and of course, drinking green tea and reading a good police thriller book by a chimney fire (if I had one). Check out my original CV video.