Who am I and where do I come from?

Originally from the Czech republic, I live nowadays in Strasbourg (France) where I’m finishing my master’s degree called CAWEB specialized in Web design, multimedia, project management and localization whilst working as Webmarketing assistant at Schmidt.I am not only multilingual - Czech - French - English, but also multicultural, because in every country I become a different person and adapt myself to the local environment. It’s almost like I had more personalities than one… Read more about my studies and career on my Linkedin profile.

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

What do I like?

I’m someone very open-minded who likes discovering new countries, cultures and people and never stops exploring! In my free time, I love taking photos with my Canon camera ( nature, everyday objects and people), going on a yoga class, having good times with my friends, travelling ( the number one destination is Iceland & Scandinavian countries), playing with my dog ( when I get the chance to go to see my family in the Czech republic) and of course, drinking green tea and reading a good police thriller book by a chimney fire (if I had one). Check out my original CV video.