I create multimedia projects designed to be published online. During their creation I take into consideration the graphic charter of the company I work with.Furthermore, I think about ergonomics criteria and the importance of user experience.

Search Engine Advertising

Are you lost in all the weird vocabulary like Google or Facebook Ads, native ads, HTML and GIF banners, Adwords ? That’s alright, I know what all of this means and what you have to do to use your online advertising to raise your site’s ranking, conversion rate and increase the ROI.

I have experience not only in working with different web agencies and managing digital campaigns for different countries in many languages, but also in company’s internal communication, between Digital, Trade or Product marketing which is important in order to produce the most accurate online advertisement.

Graphic design
Graphic design

Graphic design

So I can make sure  i get the best result from my work, I generally use Adobe programmes.

Adobe Photoshop helps me to make websites' maquettes or banners designed for retargeting. (Publicity banners appearing on the internet and bringing more traffic to the targeted website.)

Adobe Illustrator is good for creating vectors graphics and infographics thanks to its never ending options. Then, there is another program - Adobe InDesign which is perfect for when you need to make some brochures, magazines or newsletters. This I was also asked to do as Web Marketing assistant at Schmidt Groupe. Finally, i cannot forget Premiere Pro along with After Effects, it helps us with video editing and visual animation effects.

Writing for the web and SEO

Do you want to have a better position in Google results but don´t know how to do it ? I have what you need ! Just contact me and I´ll help you to optimise your website and even explain you how it works if that's what you wish.

SEO is the must-have to be able to bring more users to your website. It´s about optimizing the website´s content ( texts and graphics ) for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

There are different ways to do it, for example optimization of titles, links and keywords, writing of meta descriptions and alt titles for images. And there is a lot more to go!

Writing for the web and SEO
Communication and social media

Communication and Social networks

It’s obvious that having a website is nowadays a must-have if we want to survive on the market, but there are also other trends we shouldn’t be neglecting - and it’s the presence on social media platforms.

Whether it is for blogs or social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, those aren’t used anymore for strictly private purposes. They are here to serve professionals helping them to communicate, to affirm their presence online and to interact with the fans.

We need to show we want to share with the rest of the world in order to be able to improve our services

And I can do all of that for you!

Responsive Web Design

In order to create graphics which don’t involve any technical problems during web development and integration, I know particularly well the web languages such as HTML5 & CSS3, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, XML & XSL.

Nowadays, it is not only about knowing how to create websites. It’s about knowing how to create responsive websites. You can’t survive without Responsive web design because “Big brother” Google will penalize you for not implementing it. It consists of adapting the website's content for every screen type and optimizing the user's interface. To be able to do that, you should use “media queries” properties in the CSS code which then define a different style for different screens.

I am good at using different CMS ( content management system)such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop or Sitecore. 

Responsive web design
Websites translation and localization

Websites' Translation and Localization

In web 2.0, you have to think about the world around you and the international dimension. You want to reach the largest audience you can and that is why you need to localize your website.

It’s not only about translating some texts, but also (and especially!) about localization of the content into the target culture. To give you an idea, you would avoid using a black background on a website that you want to introduce to a chinese market since this colour means death.

If you want to avoid problems whilst localizing your website, think about doing a target market analysis and internationalizing your approach. Personally, I can offer you quality services in Czech, French and English languages.

So, are you interested in any of the services listed above? Contact me!