Publicity Banners for Retargeting

During my year as an apprentice at Schmidt, I got the chance to frequently create publicity banners for numerous organized retargeting. Its aim was to bring a wider range of users to the Schmidt’s website who could then make an appointment via the contact form on-line.

Retargeting means advertising to the users who already know you because they’ve already went on your website before. So there is no real need to introducing yourself. If you want to bring your users back to the carts they left, just use simple elements in your brands colours and let it do its job!

There are around 13 different basic types of banners to create, ranging from a very small formats like 250x250px and 728x90, medium ones measuring 300x1050px, up to the big ones like for example the Facebook format?.

There are numbers of restrictions when you create visuals destined to be published on the web for retargeting purposes and one of them is the file size. Another thing you mustn’t forget is that banner ads should contain concise messages and have a simple design.

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