Steel constructions’ company website creation and translation

Website online since: 22 July 2016

Website’s link :

About my client :

JC Kovovýroba s.r.o. is a small steel construction company situated on the outskirts of Ostrava in the Czech republic. Its owner wanted to remake from top to bottom his website that was created for the first time in 2002 and has become a little bit old fashioned. He wished to reach a wider range of users and so he decided to follow the trends and have a new multilingual and responsive website.

Main assignments:

  • research of a new hosting and domain name
  • graphic maquette and new company logo proposition
  • creation of the multilingual website with the CMS called WordPress which included some new functionalities like parallax homepage, photo gallery in form of filtered multilingual portfolio, contact form and Google maps
  • implementation of Google Analytics
  • writing and translating of the technical content presented on the website from Czech to English ( technical terms concerning steel construction domain )
  • translation memory and glossary creation with SDL Trados Studio and Multiterm


Since implemented online, the website has more than 100 users per month who stay around 1.53 minute per visit. Each user browses about 5.26 pages per visit.

Responsive Webdesign website coded with HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery

Website finished on the : 10th December 2016

Website’s link :

Why :

In pairs, we coded in a month a responsive webdesign website with PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The idea was to show our capacity to code a website that adapts to every type of screen. Whilst the website’s content was set and we had to talk about HTML5 and CSS3, we could choose for ourselves how to design the website. In our case, we opted for a Harry Potter flat design. Finally, one of the conditions was to apply different CSS styles for the same website in order to switch between them.

Main assignments:

  • study of the website design
  • conception of the website maquettes in Adobe Photoshop
  • flat design graphics creation in Adobe Illustrator
  • dynamic website skeleton conception using PHP
  • coding with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery
  • content writing in french language


The website stays online on the server of the University of Strasbourg in my personal space.

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